About us

Once a cosmetic tube, bottle is opened most beauty brands will never refund you or even change to another, better product if you are not satisfied.

Well, it’s different with MayBeauty, we believe in happy customers. And you are not alone, it’s a real jungle and it’s very hard to know which product is great before you buy it.

What is MayBeauty? And how did we start?

In 2012 we looked at the Beauty Market and saw a lot of flaws:

  1. Too many unclear, confusing products to choose from.
  2. Products that didn’t work well.
  3. No company offered any Money Back Guarantee for unhappy customers.

In 2013 we started fixing these things by:

  1. Creating beauty care products that are easy to understand.
  2. Make sure that these products are effective & deliver noticeable results.
  3. Offer a 365-day money-back guarantee for unhappy customers.

In the Beauty Space 8 years, later not much has changed, there are even more confusion and very few guarantees, we will continue delivering on that promise bringing you Clear and Effective beauty care 🚀

How do we make sure our products really work?

Together with our world-class formulators, cosmetic experts, and our picky beauty testers (100 people strong) we’ve created a system to launch new products. Every tester gets to try the formula and give their honest feedback. Only formulas that gets an average score above 4.25 out of 5 end up on our shelves.

Since we trust our process so much we confidently offer a 365 day money-back guarantee, this means: If you are not happy after a purchase you can contact us up to 180days later and get your money back! 😁

We try to always improve, here are some missions:

⭐️ Proven, High-performance Ingredients

  • Our product research team stays up to date with the latest Solid Ingredient research data. In 2021 we are excited to bring on a whole new range of High-Performance products.

⚡️Low irritation / Avoiding unnecessary Ingredients

  • We avoid any unnecessary fragrance, coloring, preservatives that is not needed. We are currently working together with toxicologists to replace ingredients with better ones and make formulas easier on the skin for sensitive people.

🌱 Environment

  • Most of our packaging is now bio-plastic and bio-degradable or aluminum foil.
  • We are currently working on a program to get our clients to understand how to recycle the products in the best way.
  • Our packaging doesn’t have unnecessary packaging (like most other brands have)
  • Every bottle we made are made to reduce shipping space, that’s why many of our bottles are rectangular (not round)
  • MayBeauty is working to become a carbon-neutral company in the 2020s by donating money to planting trees and solar power companies to offset our carbon footprint.

🐰 Animal cruelty & Vegan products

  • None of our formulas are tested on animals (No product that complies to the EU regulations can be tested on animals)
  • We have changed the majority of our formulas to vegan, and the goal is to make all products that absolutely don’t need animal Ingredients 100% vegan.

⭕️ Holistic lifestyle approach

We believe that in order to create a successful beauty routine you need to work in many areas (not using cosmetics). First, you need to tailor the right set of products for your body, then you need to understand how to best use these products for the best results. You also should work on your habits (stress, sleep, nutrition, sunscreen, etc). In 2021 we are working to help you personalize a complete beauty routine to achieve the very best beauty results.

💸 Donations to charities

  • In 2021 we are launching campaigns together with Influencers where a percentage of our profits will go towards different charities closest to the hearts of the audience.