Body Scrub

Scrub away dead skin cells and reduce scars and marks on your body.

As part of a weekly routine this Body Scrub will:

  • Remove excess dead skin cells
  • Hydrate your skin 
  • Stimulate your blood circulation (for collagen production)
  • Tackle marks, cellulite, scars, and breakouts
🐰 vegan product
🐇 no animal testing

It contains a wonderful smelling blend of high-quality ground coffee beans and cold-pressed coconut oil which exfoliates & moisturizes your skin, making you feel clean and ready for the day or the bed.

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What the Body Scrub does

Remove your excess dead skin cells!

Tackle marks, scars, and cellulite!

Hydrate your skin!

How to use the Body Scrub

Step 1

Make your skin wet

Step 2

Massage the body scrub on your skin

Step 3

Enjoy how soft and smooth your skin is

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