Keep you face clean and hydrated with our Christmas face kit

Our Chrismas Face Cleansing kit leave your face clean and hydrated, here is what every product do:

Peel-off Face Masks (4-pack)
Cleanse dead skin-cells from the surface of your skin.

Deep cleansing Pore Masks (4-pack)
Deeply cleanse your pores from Blackheads & Impurities

Cleansing Pore Strip (12-pack)
Deeply cleanses your nose from Blackheads & Whiteheads.

Bio-Cellulose Face Masks (3-pack)
Hydrates your face & make it glossy and healthy.

1 Spa-brush
Easily apply our products with our Spa-brush.

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How to use the Peel-off Face Mask

Step 1 1
Julia R and MayBeauty's Incredible Face Mask

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How to use the Deep Cleansing Pore Mask

Step 1
Marieke Woesik and MayBeauty's Incredible Pore Mask

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How to use the Cleansing Pore Strip

Step 1
woman with clean and glowing skin

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How to use the Bio Cellulose Face Mask

Step 1

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Woman applying eyelash growth serum
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