Keep you face clean, hydrated & glossy this winter

????Try out Christmas Face Kit! ????

The winter is coming and a lot of us get dry and dull skin, to solve this problem we’ve put together a Christmas Face Kit.

The kit deeply cleanses your skin and then ends up with deep hydration, here is how it works:

The Peel-Off Face Mask cleanses dead skin-cells & impurities from the surface of your skin. 

Cleansing Pore Strip deeply cleanses your nose from Blackheads & Whiteheads.

Deep Cleansing Pore Mask
deeply cleanse your pores from Blackheads & Impurities.

Bio-Cellulose Face Mask hydrates your face & make it glossy and healthy.

The end-result is a cleaner, smoother and glossy looking skin that’s ready for the winter. It’s a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones, merry christmas ????????

5 pcs of Peel-Off Face Mask,
4 of Pore mask,
12-pack of Pore Strip,
2-pack of Bio-Cellulose Face Mask,
1 pcs of Spa-brush

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How to use the kit

Step 1

Start by using the Peel Off Face Mask to remove dead skin cells and blackheads

Step 2

Then use the Pore Strip to deeply cleanse your nose from blackheads

Step 3

Put on the Pore Mask to remove all excessive sebum and cleanse the pores from impurities

Step 4

Let your skin rest and deeply hydrate with the Bio Cellulose Face Mask containing the powerful Hyaluronic Acid

What does the Christmas Face kit do?

A deep cleanse of the face and pores

Adds antioxidants for a healthier skin

Deeply hydrates your face and adds a glow

Here are some of the happy customers

Laura de Graaf and MayBeauty's Incredible Face Mask
“I am incredibly happy with this product. After removing it I can clearly feel a difference and I think this mask does what it promises. The mask was nice and easy to use and left my skin soft and free from blackheads.”

Laura de Graaf, Netherlands

Marieke Woesik and MayBeauty's Incredible Pore Mask
“This great smelling mask makes red spots less red and the pores around my nose really look smaller! I also got wonderfully, babysoft cheeks from it, awesome!”

Marieke Woesik, Netherlands

Oda Davidsen and MayBeauty's Incredible Pore Mask
“During my pregnancy I had a lot of acne. This gel really saved my skin, and it continues to do that every day. You can see and feel the results right away. Love it!”

Oda Davidsen, Norway

What our customers say

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Bio Cellulose Mask
July 07, 2020
Verified buyer

So nice and refreshing and the face felt so soft and smooth after using this mask

Maylash is amazing!
December 12, 2019
Jenny Verified buyer

I've been using Maylash now for 3 years, and been really happy about it.

Product is amazing!
October 12, 2019
Sarah Verified buyer

Great product! I use extensions and my own eyelashes are a lot stonger after using this serum. I don't have to let my own eyelashes rest between the extension refills which is amazing!

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