The Fantastic Face Gel removes dead skin cells - watch as your face is cleansed and revitalised as you massage the gel into your skin!

What does the Face Gel
do for your skin?

  • Removes dead
    skin cells
  • Cleans your
  • Removes excess
    sebum and oil
  • Makes your skin
    cleaner and smoother

How does it work?

  • STEP 1 Apply the gel to the areas of
    your face that you wish to clean
  • STEP 2 Massage the gel gently and
    watch the dead skin cells fall away
  • STEP 3 Notice how smooth and clean
    your face has become

What our customers are saying

Julia 24 Elisa, Finland MayBeauty's Face Gel is a gentle but effective product. It is very rewarding to see the dead skin peel off as I rub the gel over my face. My skin felt much softer from the very first treatment.
Maria 33 Inge Marieke, Netherlands Around the start of my menstrual cycle I would always have trouble with bad skin and acne. Since I used this Face Gel my skin has been soothed quite some and I have super soft skin! I am sold on it!
Anna 38 Katri, Finland The Incredible Face Gel is the perfect new companion for my personal care. It made miracles for my combination skin. This is the softest my skin has ever been!
Eva 31 Lotta, Finland The Face Gel has a very pleasently scent, and it makes my skin cleaner and softer without drying it up. MayBeauty's Face Gel has definitely earned its place in my personal care routine.
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