Common Questions

  • Do Maylash have any side-effects?
  • How does it take before my lashes get longer?
  • How long will the results last?
  • How long time will one package of Maylash last?
  • What happens when I stop using Maylash?
  • Can I use Maylash one my lower lashes?
  • Can I use Maylash on my eyebrows?
  • Can I use Maylash together with make-up?
  • Can I use Maylash more often and get better results?
  • What happens if I forget to use Maylash one evening?
  • What happens if I get Maylash in my eyes?
  • I use contact lenses, can I use Maylash?
  • Can I use Maylash when I am breast feeding or when I am pregnant?
  • Will maylash work if I have extensions?
  • Is Maylash tested on animals?
  • Can men use Maylash?

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