Remove calluses, dry heels & keep your feet moisturised

Enjoy softer and smoother feet!

Are you tired of calluses and dry feet?

Exfoliating Foot Mask removes dead skin and make the feet softer and smoother. The mask contains Lactic Acid & Glycolic Acid to exfoliate your feet and a blend of hydrating Ingredients to soften your feet.

Moisturising Foot Mask deeply moisturises your feet, making them even softer & smoother. The mask contains coconut oil, glycerin and other softening and hydrating properties to rejuvenate your skin.

Here is how the products work together:

Step 1 –  Exfoliating Foot Mask:
1. Put of the foot mask let it be on for 90 minutes.
2. Rinse the feet after the treatment.
3. After a few days the top layer of skin will start to peel.
4. After another few days your feet will have stopped peel and your feet is softer and smoother.

After the Exfoliating Foot Mask treatment is done, you use the Moisturising Foot Mask.

Step 2  – Moisturising Foot Mask:

1. Let the mask be on for 20-30 minutes.
2. Remove the masks and massage the creams into your feet or gently wipe off with a towel.
3. Enjoy softer and smoother feet 🙂

Use the Exfoliating Foot Mask every 2-3 months to remove dead, hard skin and keep your feet softer and smoother.

And use the Moisturising Foot Mask every second week / Monthly to soften your feet.

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What do the Softening Foot Kit do?

Remove dead skin cells,

Dry skin and calluses

Make the feet softer

and smoother

How to use the Softening Foot Kit

Step 1

Put on the Exfoliating Foot Mask, use for 90 minutes

Step 2

Wash off the feet after the treatment

Step 3

After a few days, the top layer of skin will start to peel

Step 4

When the feet has stopped peeling you use the Moisturising Foot Mask to get extra baby soft feet

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